Benefits of extra virgin olive oil in the Mediterranean diet

As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure” is confirmed by the scientific study PREDIMED published in The New England Journal of Medicine in June 2018. This study certifies that extra virgin olive oil in the Mediterranean diet has preventive effects on cardiovascular diseases.

The PREDIMED study (Prevention with Mediterranean Diet) carried out by scientists from various national universities, confirms the properties of extra virgin olive oil (the only category of olive oil that maintains 100% of its nutritional value), when consumed daily in our kitchen.

The results explain that the composition of fatty acids that the oil contains with 100% of its properties protect the organism since it produces “good” cholesterol in charge of transporting the cholesterol from the tissues towards the liver to eliminate it. In this way it protects the organism from excess cholesterol that is deposited on the arterial walls causing obstruction of the passage of blood and hardening and stiffening of the arteries, causing heart attacks, stroke and other problems.

The conclusions of the study determine that by recommending that the only fats come from olive oil, consuming between 40-50grs. daily, the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases was reduced by 30%.

Practicing healthy living through food as a prevention of many diseases becomes a dedication to knowing what we eat, especially in the current time where processed and industrialised foods predominate in the supermarket and contain a high level of saturated and processed fats that we should avoid.

In short, incorporating extra virgin olive oil into the diet for cooking and seasoning all kinds of dishes is a very healthy habit for the longevity of our organism and for the palate!


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