The recipe: mayonnaise with olive oil without eggs

In this article we explain how to make egg-free mayonnaise with the ingredients, the measurements and how to prepare it. This recipe is provided by Mercé, owner of the gastronomic restaurant El Cairat in Falset (Priorat), and replaces the egg with milk, so we could also call it mayonnaise with milk so any possibility of salmonella is eliminated.

From the base made of mayonnaise, Mercè also explains how to make other sauces by adding ingredients later.

Here we give you all the details to make this mayonnaise that you can make at home to accompany many different dishes, tapas, … and that will make you look great!

Mayonnaise without eggs /


1 cup of whole milk coffee

2 cups of coffee with extra virgin arbequina oil

2 cloves of garlic

Salt (one teaspoon of ground coffee)

Pepper (a pinch)


Put all the ingredients together in a high, rather vertical, jar and pass the magic arm or mini primer. The way to do this is to slowly raise and lower the magic arm three or four times delicately, so that all the ingredients curdle.


Sauces made by adding ingredients to mayonnaise

Once the mayonnaise is made we can use it as a base to make other sauces. La Merced tells us some of their tricks:

To make pink sauce or a salsa brava with intention: 

Add ketchup to the mayonnaise base, a little whisky to taste and stir.

To make an aromatic sauce and give a point of freshness to salads and vegetables

Add an aromatic herb or mint and mix.

To make quince aioli, the delicious sauce of autumn:

Add more oil to control the thickness, add the cooked quince and stir


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